Tannoy, UK

designed by Ronnie H Rackhan for Guy R Fountain

15 inch Monitor Silver LSU/HF/15/L 15Ω  loudspeakers in corner York bass-reflex cabinets, c. 1953.

Large and impressive, close-matching pair.

Metal Tannoy badges, the speaker on the left is very slightly older, showing the earlier smaller Tannoy badge.
Tannoy transfer labels to rear (some flaking to one).

It would have been normal for the original owner to have purchased a single speaker for a mono system, and paired it up with a second one soon after – the movement from mono to stereo in the 1950’s was fairly rapid.

Cabinet stamped serial numbers: 23, 302
Driver serial numbers: 021182, 022150

Dimensions each: width 83cm (58.5cm x 58.5cm);  height 114cm