Pye Ltd, Cambridge, UK

“Provost” – Power Amplifier Type H.F.25 monoblock valve amplifier and “Proctor” – Remote COntrol Unit Type H.F.25A mono pre-amplifier, c. 1955.

Power amplifier:
Valves: 2x KT66; 1x ECC35; 1x ECC33; 1x GZ32 rectifier.
Power output: 25 Watts.
Mains input: 100-150 volts and 200-250 volts ranges.
Blue enamel enamel paint finish metal chassis with black transformer top covers..
Dimensions: length 32cm x width 25.5cm x height 16+cm
Serial Number: F176688

Pre-amplifier / Control unit:
Valves: 2x ECC40.
power taken from power amplifier.
Blue enamel enamel paint finish casing with polished copper metal fascia.
Dimensions: length 27.5cm x width 7+cm x height 10cm
Serial Number: F178819

Octal (Bulgin) connecting cable.

Original handbook including operating information and circuit diagrams etc.

Function un-tested. This will require slow start-up on variac or similar. Original un-restored condition. Some surface tarnish to main chassis and rust to transformer top covers.