Lowther, UK

“PM6 Alnico Magnet” rear-horn loudspeakers drivers in Acousta folded horn cabinets, designed 1958.

Mahogany veneered cabinets with plywood internal horn construction. These are earlier more desirable pre-1970 examples of the speaker cabinets, generally considered the better versions..

Alnico magent speaker drivers have consecutive serial numbers. The drivers require new foam surrounds, and there is a crack to one driver chassis. We can undertake these items of work if required.

Metal Lowther badges with serial numbers to magents and Acousta badges to rear of cabinets. Front Lowther badges are missing.

Driver serial numbers: 8730-69, 8731-69

Cabinet dimensions each: width 46.5cm; depth 42.5cm; height 98cm. Weight: 23.4 KG (Complete)
Speaker driver weight each: 2.5KG