Lowther, UK

Audiovector folded bass horn loudspeakers with PM4 ‘Alnico Magnet’ 15 ohm loudspeaker drivers.

Drivers designed 1950 and Audiovector loudspeaker system designed 1958, these examples believed to date from the 1960s and show the simplified (externally) cabinet design as used in the later Audiovector Auditorium.

Original mahogany veneered cabinets with plywood internal horn construction. Original removable framed fabric grilles. Front Lowther badges missing, but grilles have holes where these should go (easy to replace).
Gold labels to rear of cabinets ‘fitted with LOWTHER HIGH FLUX DRIVE UNIT’

Metal Lowther badges to driver housing with model and serial numbers. Stamped serial number to driver frames.

Serial numbers: 
4553, 4554
Frames stamped : 23258, 23260

Cabinet dimensions each: width 67cm; depth 48cm; height 86cm
Weight: 42.2 KG (40.8 excl. grilles)
Speaker driver weight each: 8.6 KG

A revolutionary design when it was released and a development of earlier Lowther speaker designs, the mid and high frequencies are distributed upwards and the lower/bass frequencies forwards at floor level via the internal 11 ft bass horn.
The PM4A driver was the top drive unit in Lowther’s alnico range.

Still one of the most beautiful sounding loudspeaker systems ever produced with a remarkable clarity and accuracy, these should ideally be used together with high-quality low-powered valve amplifiers.