Works of Design is a London-based historical design consultancy with an on-line curated selection of works for sale and museum loan.

This is a concept developed over the past few decades. Until recently working discreetly below the radar, our new on-line – and correspondingly more public – presence is being launched in early 2015. This will develop and evolve, with a blog to be added soon and a physical presence and exhibitions to follow later.


Josef Huber
Founder and director

Josef first became passionate about 20th design in the early 1990s, excitedly discovering the joy of trawling through the vintage markets across Europe. From ‘93 to ‘97 he was instrumental in developing the UK and international auction markets, firstly working as head of 20th Century Design sales at Bonham’s, and then heading up and launching a series of the first important London-based 20th Century Design sales at Sotheby’s.

Josef is a qualified architect and a graduate of the Royal College of Art. He has worked with leading architects and designers including David Chipperfield and Ron Arad and now runs a creative design office that feeds in to and complements the Works of Design concept. Alongside this he is the Interior Design course director at Chelsea College of Arts, where he lectures in areas relating to contemporary creative and conceptual design as well as design history and theory.


We work with discerning clients to establish and evolve collections and source and procure exceptional works of design. We advise on historical and creative significance, investment value and relevance and position within collections, interior settings and in relation to works of art. And we shouldn’t overlook the work to curate the finest sound systems.

Client types include museums, art and antique collectors, audiophiles, investors. Consultancy appointments range from individual one-off to on-going commissions.


Some items form part of our academic research and teaching collection. These items are listed as museum loan archive pieces. Along with our library, we have an extensive research base to study important design works. These tend to be rare or one-off pieces, gifts and acquisitions directly from manufacturers, designers and original locations. If so listed, these pieces are available for negotiated museum loan, and may at some stage become available for purchase, usually as part of a larger collection.


Our on-line collection showcases a curated selection of works that we have available for sale and/or as museum loan archive pieces. This collection will change and evolve over time.

We work across a range of design fields, but the criteria for selection of items is the same – the item must have significance as a work of design in its field. Significance can be in the sense of conceptual creativity, remarkable engineering, sound reproduction, automotive excellence….

Items listed on the website are generally for sale and can be viewed by appointment.
Detailed condition reports and further images can be supplied on request.
Shipping can be by one of our regular fine art shippers, or we can liaise with a shipper of your preference.


Here at Works of Design we are avid jazz and classical record collectors and have absolute passion for vintage analogue sound systems.

While we have some items listed on this website, we also work with clients to advise on and establish the most wonderful vintage sound systems that you could ever imagine.

Audiophile hi-fi items are generally not restored prior to listing, as these usually form part of pairs, sets, or complete system groups, so any testing, restoration and upgrading work will relate to requirements of the combination and grouping,
It is also understood that some collectors prefer to undertake their own restoration and upgrading work prior to, and depending on, type of use.

When establishing combinations and grouping, we can supply items fully tested and guaranteed. Where testing, renovation and upgrading of individual pieces is desired, we have excellent technicians and engineers with whom we work according to specific requirements.


All electrical items are sold as items of design interest. Listings will state whether the items function, and level of function.

Lighting items are generally sold as working, and where necessary have been re-wired to modern standards.

General audio and hi-fi items are generally sold as working original condition.

Televisions are sold as items of design interest and are assumed not to function prior to the purchaser having them fully tested.

Autiophile items are generally not restored prior to listing, but we have facilities to supply these in fully working order, according to specific requirements – see audiophile section above


All intellectual property rights (unless credited otherwise) including design, text, images, logos, graphics and all other aspects belong to Works of Design Ltd.

We are generally happy for images and text to be re-posted for personal, non-commercial reference purposes as long as: Works of Design is cited as the source with a clearly displayed credit and where possible a link to the relevant page on our site; Reposting is not excessive; Our content is freely accessible to all visitors without access limitations; You take reasonable steps to ensure third-party sites do not re-post our content from your site; You do not re-post images or other content that we have ourselves re-posted or obtained from other sources, without also first confirming or obtaining the necessary permissions and providing appropriate acknowledgements.

No commercial use is allowed without prior Works of Design rights clearance. If you are in doubt about image and text copyright, please contact us.

Works of Design believes in and supports the free availability of information on the web, but we also believe that sources should be properly credited and that intellectual property rights should be respected.

Images of the works on our site under the different categories are images of the actual work for sale or loan. With some posts we also show additional information – in particular period images from manufacturers’ literature and exhibitions, magazines and periodicals, and reference books. Where ever possible we will contact the original owner of the image, work or publication to ask for permission to reuse the image(s). In all cases we will clearly acknowledge the original owner and/or source of the image or work, with links to their websites, publication information, etc. in both the image location and our credits section below. Sometimes tracing original ownership is difficult, particularly with regards to period publications, so if you feel we have made a mistake with regards to image and/or content acknowledgement we would ask you to please contact us as soon as possible so that we can make amendments.


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