David Gammon

Transcriptors Ltd.,
J.A. Michell Eng. Ltd., UK

Transcriptor Hydraulic Reference Turntable,  designed 1964, production 1964-73 by Transcriptors Ltd and 1973-77 by Michell Eng. Ltd.
This is an early Michell Eng. Ltd. model.

Manual belt-driven turntable. Polished black acrylic on marine-grade ply base. Cast/machined aluminium platter with gold-plated brass weights. Neon-lit strobe. Oil-damping speed adjustment system. Adjustable feet on rubber pads. Soft-open hinged perspex lid.

Origninal Transcriptors Ltd ‘Transcriptor Fluid Arm’ tone arm.
Original supplied ADC XLM cartridge and good condition stylus.
Transcriptor Sweep Arm.
Transcriptor Stylus Brush.

Dimensions: width 44cm; depth 42cm; height 17cm.

Weight: 9.6KG

Cosmetically and mechanically excellent original un-restored fully working condition.